The Hood Internet: Feat CD (AUTOGRAPHED)


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Track Listing:

1. Critical Captions (ft Class Actress, Cadence Weapon)
2. One For The Record Books (ft AC Newman, Sims)
3. More Fun (ft Psalm One, TOBAXXO)
4. Nothing Should Be A Surprise (ft Isaiah Toothtaker, Show You Suck)
5. Exonerated (ft Zambri, Hooray For Earth, Junior Pande)
6. Won't F--- Us Over (ft BBU, Annie Hart)
Do You Give Up Now? (ft Donwill, My Gold Mask, Junior Pande)
7. Our Finest China (ft The Rosebuds, Astronautalis)
8. Uzi Water Gun (ft Millionyoung, Kenan 9. Bell, The Chain Gang Of 1974)
10. These Things Are Nice (ft Kid Static, Slow Witch, Kleenex Girl Wonder)